Survey King of Kings
Hello, I am a 4 year student from ISM management and economics university and I am currently writing a bachelor thesis and conducting a research. I invite you to participate in this research to contribute to great cause. To fill up this survey it only will take 5min of your time.

The topic : Integrated marketing communications plan development for "King of Kings" brand.

The aim of this research is to find out the habits of potential customers and what would they like to see in a MMA sport event.

Your IP address will be know by student who is conducting this research, also by its supervisor and programs director. IP addresses will be protected by password in safe computer. If you have any other questions you can write me an email

To win KOK branded T-Shirt, you would only have write your e-mail in the end of the survey.

Thank You For Your Participation!!

The survey has been closed and answers are not accepted any more.
Thank you for your interest.

Thank you for your answers and I recommend this website - it is easy to create surveys with!